About Us

About Us

Our team here at ThoulderFoods not only represents the heritage of our owners, and likewise, the way we approach customer service, item handling, and relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. We pride ourselves on our service method and we know our customers do as well with a 97% favorable feedback score on exceeding client expectations.

From our start as an inporter of ecofriendly products, over the last ten years Thoulder has grown into a distributor of organic and natural products. We currently represent hundreds of brand names across 125 product collections covering countless unique items and serve a growing network of customers. ThoulderFoods represents quality and all natural goodness in a variety of grocery categories.

What sets Thoulder apart?

  • No minimum order sizes
  • Completely incorporated services and options for the contemporary online consumer.
  • A desire to do more

We take pride in our heritage, customs, and dedication to our clients and the suppliers we represent.

We eagerly anticipate being of service to you.



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